A new, up-to-date surface material in the Muurame range is oak. Both solid wood and veneer are carefully chosen for each piece of furniture. A beautiful light surface is obtained by tinting the varnish with white, which reduces the yellowing that happens to natural materials with age. Oak is an option for a limited part of the range, e.g. TV stands and desks.oak_Muurame2015

Slimmi is an ultra-modern TV stand and table range. Choose from two materials: white and oak. The edge of the table top and the leg is only 8 mm, which makes Slimmi an excellent partner for electronics in the minimalist home. A solid wood frame 7 cm wide edges the veneer surface of the top, creating a strong and sturdy structure for L-shaped desk tops or tables. In oak, Slimmi showcases the best of Finnish carpentry skills in small-scale production.

Diagonal Legs bring a new, dynamic look to TV stands and sideboards. Two colors are available, copper and white, as well as two heights, 15 and 28 cm. The Diagonal Legs are also used in the popular Nelitele bases, where two pairs of legs and a steel frame can be used to build sideboards or TV-stands 208 − 312 cm wide.

The 156 and 234 cm wide protective glass covers fitted to table tops and sideboards have been on the minds of many Muurame customers. Fired by this feedback, we have continued our development work and now present our new X range of TV stands and sideboards. Products in the X range come with a coherent top and bottom plate, and with pre-defined cupboard and drawer unit combinations. You can still build your own individual pieces of furniture by picking one element at a time, while the X range provides an alternative “shortcut” option over a limited range. The colors in the X product family are oak or white, which can be combined with the following bases: 1) diagonal legs, copper 2) diagonal legs, white 3) flat legs, aluminium grey.