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Muurame online shop - Finland

Each Muurame furniture, both new and old, is part of the flexible modular system developed in the 50’s. Muurame-collection is created by a trailblazer in modular design, professor and interior architect Pirkko Stenros. You can reorganize and supplement your Muurame furniture due to the multi-purpose versatility, interchangeability and compatible measurements. Here at the official Muurame online shop you find interior solutions, products and all the Muurame elements. Orders are delivered in Finland to the premises of Muurame retailers. At overseas markets, please contact your local Muurame retailer for price and delivery information.




  • TA1601

    Mup tv stand

    Tv stand, W 234 cm

    NOW €1,237.60

    Regular Price: RRP €1,547.00

  • KA1617

    Mup sideboard

    Sideboard, W 208 cm

    NOW €1,936.00

    Regular Price: RRP €2,420.00

  • 1706B

    Mup TV stand

    TV stand, W 156 cm

    NOW €613.60
  • KA1103

    Mup sideboard

    Sideboard, W 156 cm

    NOW €874.40